Rubber stamps have numerous creative uses. Coming from creating personalized immobile to making your own charge cards, there are endless the possiblility to use rubber stamps. Have you ever considered using imprints in education? Regardless if you are a parent searching for an ideal gift for a instructor or a teacher trying to add to her assortment of useful tools, plastic stamps are the perfect resources for teaching. Allow me to share a few useful techniques these every day business office items can be used in a school setting.


Rubber stamps can come in handy when grading reports. Use stamps to permit students and their mother and father know the letter rank made on each test. This will be sure that students don’t remove or attempt to modify test grades. What’s more, it makes grading quicker and easier on teachers plus they simply have to stamp the actual grade on test rather than taking the time to write it out.

Encouraging pupils

Rubber stamps are a great way pertaining to teachers to let their own students know how proud they are. For example, a great test grade might be followed with a stamp boasting the words “Good Career!” or “Fantastic.” A collection of stamps may have the students wondering precisely how their teacher may feel about their work on each and every analyze. It is a great way to encourage students to study more difficult and make good grades.

Signal here

Graded papers go home each week inside the class room setting. To make sure that parents have seen each and every paper, stamps them with a emblem that shows these exactly where to signal. Rubber stamps are among the most popular imprints that teachers utilize. Parents often take pleasure in the effort of suggesting them to sign paperwork.


Teachers have a ton of responsibility during the day. It is easy to forget the small task or items that must be done prior to day is over. Rubber stamps serve as a great way to help remind teachers of their “To Do” listing.

As you can see, there are many inventive ways that a teacher will use stamps as a application. Whether she opt for them in certifying or simply to promote students when they have been successful, stamps can have a massive impact in the lives of teachers in addition to their students. Stamps may be part of the stationary cupboard, but when used to their own fullest potential they really can produce a teacher a lot more productive.

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