It is very likely|The cool thing is|It is likely|It’s probable} that buying the most appropriate card printer for the business organization was not basic. You found yourself evaluating your card printing needs, imagining how much your company would grow within the next few years so that your newly bought device could possibly keep up with your future needs, studying your company’s security policy to determine which safety features you needed your ID cards to own. Let me tell you then that purchasing the card printer ribbons on your device will not be much easier either. The ribbons include the heart and soul of your card printing unit and there are a lot of things you should look at in order to make a well educated purchase decision.

In case you own a dot matrix printer, you will then be needing a printer ribbon. The ribbon is coated with dye or resin that’s pressed onto the paper to transfer text or images. Nearly all are made from nylon saturated in black or colored ink. Most also come with a spool housed in the plastic casing.

Types of printer ribbons

There are two kinds of printer ribbons: black and colored.

The black ribbon is employed to print monochromatic documents or images. It comes with a black resin or dye which is usually used for text, barcode symbols, and simple labels.

Meanwhile, a complete color ribbon uses four color panels to print many different colors. It contains the CMYK panels made up of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. In addition, it has an additional white panel. Mixing these colors create a variety of color effects just the thing for photos and images.

High quality ribbons

When buying a printer ribbon, make sure you are buying one that uses a sturdy nylon fabric. Using a durable nylon fabric provides for a stronger printing output and ideal quality prints.

When refilling your ribbon, be sure to go to a dealer that offers you a new nylon rather than just refilling yours.

Buying tips

Before selecting ribbons, check for compatibility. Be sure you buy the correct ribbon for the printer. Read the box – a directory of compatible ribbons is generally stamped on it.

Thinking about buying color printer ribbons? Obtain a black and white ribbon, too. This way, you won’t have to use your colored ribbon for regular non-colored printing jobs. You will put away a lot of money in the long run.

Finally, purchase only from a trusted dealer and never be fooled by those claiming to become the best.

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