Millions of books are bound every day using plastic comb binding (sometimes referred to as GBC or Ibico Combbind). Certainly, you have often seen documents bound applying this 19 ring style. A large number of documents are bound using black plastic combs in small sizes. However, there are actually many different options for setting your reports, presentations, proposals and documents apart on this finish.

Although 80 % of the documents bound with plastic combs are bound with black combs, there are a number of different colors available for comb binding rings. Standard colors for comb binding include: black, white, clear, red, yellow, green, green, navy, royal blue, grey, maroon and brown. As well as these 12 colors, there are many other colors of combs available on the market. GBC recently released a distinct black matte plastic and in past couple of years has created translucent gel colored combs in four colors including: steel blue, amber, plum and sage green. Custom colors are sometimes possible. However, these usually require extremely large quantities since an extrusion of custom colored Imitation wood is required.

The vast majority of documents bound with plastic combs are bound with combs which can be smaller than 1/2″. However, plastic binding elements are available in sizes as small as 3/16″ so when large as 2″. Spines from 3/16″ to 1-1/8″ are round while combs which can be 1-1/4″ to 2″ are oval shaped with special locks to prevent the weight of the document from opening the spine resulting in the pages to drop totally out. The best way to determine the right size of binding comb on your document is to look at the pages and add 1/16″ in order that the pages turn freely.

Although plastic binding combs are typically sold in 19 ring lengths for binding letter sized documents, they can also be purchased in shorter or longer lengths. Plastic combs are readily available in 15 ring lengths for binding half sized books as well as in 24 ring lengths for binding legal sized books. However, combs could be special ordered in almost any color and virtually any length.

Finally, plastic comb binding supplies could be ordered with custom imprinting around the spine. The title of the document or your book might be printed directly on the plastic comb using either foil stamping or silk screening. This allows for a fully customized appearance for your bound documents that will set them apart and will make a lasting impression.

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