Did you know over 125,000 people die each year because they either over-dosed or under-dosed on their daily prescribe medications! Forgetfulness, has been determined to be the number one issue leading to these deaths

This has been the number 1 issue for over a100 years and the problem still exist to this day. Oh sure there are pill timers and pill boxes and all sorts of pill reminder product on the market but in the end it still comes down to a person to remember to take their daily medication. In most cases all it takes is a little nudge, a tap on the shoulder if you will to remind a person to take her or his daily medications.

This problem exists not only for our senior citizens but also for everyone who must take one or more doses of prescribed medication daily. It’s easy to forget to take your pills at set times each and everyday. With today’s active lifestyles it can lead us to forget to take our pills on time daily or at all. When we do this we all miss out on the life saving benefits of our prescription medications.

Most of us ask ourselves: have I take my pills or did I mess a dose?
This is a scary situation to be in and yet it happens millions of times everyday all across America. Too much medicine or too little medicine can send you to the emergency room depending on the severity of your illness.

As mentioned forgetfulness is one of the main causes for under dosing or overdosing daily on prescription medication. This can be a life-threatening situation for you or a love one.

Recently a new service has been formed; it’s called The Pill Reminder Service.
It is primarily an outbound calling/texting/emailing service that delivers a pre-recorded message at prescribe times during the day or night for that person to go to where their medications are stored and take them now. It’s intent is to help remind people of all ages to take their medication on time each and every day. Its primary goal is to help prevent people from either over-dosing or under-dosing on their daily-prescribed medications.

Regardless of a person’s age we/they sometimes forget to take their dose of medicine when we/they are supposed to. Forgetfulness is the main reason why people don’t receive the maximum benefits of their medications. There is a simple solution to deal with this life-threatening problem and the Pill Reminder Service is here to help.

To Never Miss Another Dose of Prescription Medicine Again, please visit: pillreminderservice.com

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