‘Personality Plus’ is usually a book written by Florence Littauer. Florence can be a self-help writer and speaker. She and her husband developed the Character Plus program according to Hippocrates’s theory with the 4 Temperments. Dani Johnson also features a program according to this that she calls Gems.
Character Plus categorizes people today into 4 groups: Choleric, Melancholy, Sanguine and Phlagmatic. In Florence’s system, you could have characteristics of more than 1 group, whilst in Hippocrates’s theory you can only belong to a single.

The principle cause this really is very important to persons in Network Marketing is mainly because you are likely to try to recruit all four kinds of folks. So that you can do this, you need to be able to speak to them inside a way that they are able to know you. I will not have the ability to let you know every thing you have to know in regards to the 4 character varieties within a weblog so for anyone who is interested, it is best to read the book.

Strengths with the Four Personality Plus Groups
Choleric: leader, optimist, likes alter, dominant, robust, decisive and independant
Melancholy: considering, introvert, pessimist, analytical, talented, inventive and genius prone
Sanguine: social, entertaining, extrovert, talker, optimist and emotional
Phlagmatic: watcher, pessimist, low-key, easygoing, consistant and sympathetic

Character Plus Weaknesses
To get the weaknesses in the personality forms in Character Plus you can expect to have to read the book. Not merely are they provided but Florence also offers you ways to right them. So the moment you obtain your personality form, you are going to discover methods to turn your weaknesses into strengths.
I completely enjoyed reading Character Plus, not just to find out more about why and how I tick (and it was fairly precise), but in addition how others did. Just after reading it, I discovered I could choose out the distinct personality types in my co-workers. It was an eye opener. As soon as I began speaking to them in their language, we were able to communicate much better. I program to read it once more and again.

The Personality Plus Test
After you take the test you’re offered 42 sets of four words. You need to choose the word in each set that best describes you. Some of them were tricky and within a handful of, I discovered I went for the a single most like me even though I did not think it truly applied. You can easily take the test as you might be now, but you possibly can also take it depending on you as a child. You’ll discover just how much you changed as time went on – or should you changed. Many times life happens and somebody who was as soon as one particular type will adjust and turn into an additional.

Why You must Read Character Plus
You should read Personality Plus if you want to fully grasp many people. You may study how you can communicate with many people by their personality type and it’ll make your life much less difficult. Should you be a network marketer, you realize that you simply really need to discover a tiny niche to specialize in. In case you did that and after that spoke only to one character sort, you’d be cutting out 3/4 of your little niche. That would not be an incredibly lucrative thing to do!!

Personality Plus is an interesting read. I had trouble placing it down. You may not be like me – I’m a Peaceful Phlagmatic – so reading may perhaps be to calm for you. Character Plus is obtainable in paperback, kindle and audio so you are able to play it when you do something else . . . like driving. I personally got the Kindle version for my iPad. Regrettably, I couldn’t do any bookmarks or highlighting on it so it is tough for me to find references. I would not suggest doing that even if it’s more affordable to purchase than the book.

Have you read Personality Plus? Do you know what the four personality types are? This is a review of Personality Plus http://www.empowernetwork.com/maryriley/blog/personality-plus/?id=maryriley

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