Metal wrapping screen printing is a special printing way, it can be with metal wrapping products unique for the hard material as the substrate of screen printing, The printing materials are generally tinplate ( tin plates ), stainless steel sheet, galvanized sheet steel, cold-rolled carbon steel sheet, hot-rolled carbon steel sheet etc., there are also special packaging using aluminum, metal plate etc.. It is metal wrapping production means of the part, could be the label of items in the package, containing a certain advertisement composition. Therefore, in order to cause the need for consumers, increase revenue value, as a technique of promotion, should have innovative graphics and fine printing, like this, It really is more vital.

Screen printed metal metal wrapping performance characteristics
1, screen printing metal material physical properties and characteristics
Metal metal wrapping material has good heat transfer, electric conductivity, high mechanical strength, is a great material for metal metal wrapping. Since it has better extensibility, really easy to shear, punching, bending, stretching as well as other processing. More vital is the metal metal wrapping material can withstand many surface treatment, can meet many different packaging decoration function.

2, its on metal material technical requirements
* Flatness: Sheet metal without having warping phenomenon
* Surface roughness: Sheet metal surface should be no mechanical abrasion, scratch, uneven, rough stripes surface roughness phenomenon.
* Cleanliness :Its surface needs to be clean without pollution, dust, water and also other tracks not clean phenomenon.

3, printing adaptability
* Metal packaging material has good workability and style diversity
Metal packaging material with good mechanical properties and processing, molding properties, metal packaging containers can realize the novel, unique design for manufacturing, to make a number of special-shaped barrels, cans, boxes along with other packaging container, make it happen of beautification commodity to enhance product competition ability.

* Colorful, rich layers, the visual effect is great
Metal packaging such as tin plate, as the surface since the tinned layer, having a flash of color effects, then from the printing in color, printing graphic is brighter. Without tin steel and other metal materials, surface treatment and coating, screen printing could also show the special effect in flash.

* Conducive towards the realization with the use worth of commodity and artistic unity
Metal wrapping materials of good performance and screen printing ink with excellent abrasion resistance and sturdiness, not simply for the realization in the unique design and exquisite silk screen printing to generate the condition, after metal packaging surface decoration, make packaging more beautiful, but additionally it could greatly help the metal packaging itself value and increase the durability and keep, can better reflect making use worth of commodity and artistic unity.

* The key mean of cost reduction
The application of screen printing means, change or simplifies a few of metal packaging products (like steel drums as well as other) with the production process, reduce the production cost.

Due to the above reasons, the metal packaging screen printing, have achieved rapid rise in recent years.
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