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My aim was to create a Randall Bennett’s Review of saving a marriage in crisis and after reading the actually ‘Melt Your Man’s Heart’ guide through I found some interesting things. In the beginning relationships are generally EASY; but the real problem lies in keeping that very connection that got you both together in the first place alive. That’s why there are a growing number of couples going to therapy(weather they are married or not) this is to pre-empt the strike against the tough times they’ll inevitably hit in the FUTURE and so they can learn how to keep the good time rolling! Now to give you an extra push in your relationship. I am about to share with you the most important aspects to keeping your relationship alive and kicking to re-ignite the burning passion in your relationship, today!

You see, the reason relationships break down is because they are waiting for the other half to ‘CHANGE’ as bad as that sounds, it’s TRUE. The old beggars belief that the other half would change and hoping the issues will just go away by themselves is extremely ineffective and ignorant. Simply because the resentment is going on to build up even more over time and if it’s not addressed right away then its going to put more weight on your shoulders and then one day the imminent BURST of FRUSTRATION and the Break-Up beings.

The entire experience of a sudden breakup can be EXTREMELY intense, I mean you have to understand that its the SHOCK of suddenly living without your partner that you have shared some of the best moments of your life with. During the time of the breakup there are going to be 101 things that remind you of them, even the smallest things like “Take Out Night On Tuesdays”, “Breakfast In Bed” and the smell of their shampoo or even the things that used to irritate you will leave you thinking “Maybe the Break Up was a mistake?”

Marriage Crisis – My Honest Review

For 25 years Randy Bennertt has been working as a ‘Marriage and Family Therapist’, he’s a licensed counselor who holds a Masters (MA), he’s a LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) and and LCPC (Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor). If you are not sure what that all means, then to make it simple to understand, this man is a “MASTER” in his trade. Randy knows relationships and his success rate is next to none. He is, in my opinion, better than anyone else in his field and I am saying this because he even saved my marriage.

Here is my insight into what Randy produced. I will give you all the in and outs, both the good and the bad points about what Randy’s “Melt Your Man’s Heart” is all about. Now what you are about to read are the ESSENTIAL details you need to know on how to save your relationship. This is what my wife used and it’s the key tool that saved our marriage.

What Exactly is ‘Melt Your Man’s Heart’?

Melt Your Man’s Heart’ is a comprehensive guide to getting your man back and an easy process to make your husband love you again.

Randy gives countless examples of DESTRUCTIVE behaviors that for most of us become just habits and don’t even realize we are doing harm to our relationship. He also gives you an insight into the methods which overcome these relationship damaging traits and how to get the love back with your partner.

In more detail, Randy gives you the psychological reasons why we carry out these destructive behaviors and the reasoning behind how we should communicate with our partners. (Very interesting part)

So What Are The Bad Points?

The writing style is a little unorthodox. I can see some you becoming slightly overwhelmed with the ‘open and honest’ approach he takes.

**Very Important!!!** You have to be willing to change by putting into place what Randy shows you. You will find out exactly what makes a man tick and if you are not willing to change then you won’t be able to improve the relationship and I am sorry to say but it probably will be over.

This really does work and I am living proof it does! In my experience most people do not want to change however if you are like my wife then your relationship means a lot and you will soon let go of your ‘bad’ habits and get to understand your man a hell of lot more.

So What Are The Good Points to ‘Melt Your Man’s Heart’?

Once you get used to Randy’s writing style it is a very enjoyable read. Randy uses examples of couples he has mentored over the past 25 years and his experience as a marriage therapist really shines through.The guide is very comprehensive consisting of 4 main sections and 9 sessions to step you through the process to regaining the love in your relationship.

It’s completely different from ANYTHING you’re probably ever read. I have looked at these so called tips online and sure they might help for a week or so but what they never get to is the underlying problem and how to solve it immediately, the way Randy shows you how. He really stands out from all those so called love experts out there. His methods are very different and are backed with logically proven reasoning which separates him from the crowd. You don’t need to be a genius or rocket scientist to understand his teachings and if you apply it, I can assure you it works.

Randy has a video which explains it in a bit more detail on his site:

Click Here to Visit Randy’s Official Website – Melt Your Man’s Heart

Overall What do I Think?

Well, he saved my marriage. I am now happily married again and have an amazing wife who understands me through this. As for ‘Melt Your Man’s Heart’ is concerned, it is in my eyes the best non BS guide on how to keep your husband in love with you and it works wonders to save your marriage. In fact my wife is one of those people who will not do something until she understands why she should do it so this book had a massive impact on her and our personal relationship.

If you feel you need help in your current relationship, feel your partner has lost interest and neglecting you and want to learn how to avoid those damaging habits. Then get him back to the man you fell in love with. I highly recommend it.

For a helpful Marriage in Crisis review, visit the website: http://www.marriageincrisis.com/

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