Marijuana, also called as Cannabis is used widely as a medicine as well as as a drug which people use for delight. It is found to be one of the most illicit drugs found in the world today. The application of drug and selling of the products manufactured using this drug for recreation, pleasure, as well as psychoactive purposes is illegal in several countries of the world. Several famous people have used this specific drug for pleasure and have formed a set of quotes which are an integral part of marijuana quotes publication.

Marijuana Quotes by Famous Personalities
Several famous quotes include the quote by Carol Ford: “Why use up the particular forests which were hundreds of years in the making and also the mines which required age range to lay down, as we can get the equivalent of natrual enviroment and mineral items in the annual growth of the hemp areas?”.The offer by Louis Armstrong is, “It really puzzles me to see marijuana associated with narcotics dope and all of which stuff. It is a thousand times better than bourbon. It is an assistant along with a friend.”George Washington estimated, “Make the most of the Indian hemp seed, along with sow it almost everywhere!”Jimmy Carter also offered a famous quotation on marijuana that’s, “Penalties against possession of the drug should not be much more damaging to an personal than the use of the substance itself; and exactly where they are, they should be altered. Nowhere is this better than in the laws against possession of pot in private for individual use… Therefore, I assist legislation amending Federal government law to eliminate all Federal criminal fees and penalties for the possession of up to one ounce associated with marijuana.”

Another popular quote from cannabis quotes book simply by Ronald Reagan is, “I are in possession of absolute proof in which smoking even a single marijuana cigarette is equal in human brain damage to being on Bikini Island during an H-bomb boost.” Arnold Schwarzenegger has given a quotation on marijuana which goes like this, “That is not a medication. It’s a leaf”. Bill Hicks provides told that “Why is marijuana against the law? The idea grows naturally about our planet. Doesn’t the thought of making nature illegal seem to you a touch . . . unnatural?” Jennifer Aniston has estimated thus about pot, “I enjoy smoking pot and see no harm in it”. Barack Obama’s quote on marijuana goes like this, “When I was a kid My partner and i inhaled frequently. That’s the point”. Jack Herer quotations thus, “If you exchange marijuana for cigarette smoking and alcohol, you’ll include eight to Twenty-four years to your life”. Effortlessly these quotes by great people, Marijuana Quotes book is now quite famous.

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