You started a business, you have the customers, but your missing one thing… the ability to accept credit cards! Yes, cash is king but not everybody carry’s cash these days. With $1 out of every $4 being processed via debit or credit, it’s a must to accept credit cards at your business. Check out our top 4 things to look for! Find info regarding how to accept credit cards, and what to look for in a merchant processing company.

Choosing the Right Processing Company to Accept Credit Cards.

Working with an ISO.

When it comes time to accept credit cards you need to work with a credit card processing company. Most credit card processing company’s don’t open accounts directly, they work with what is known as an independent sales organization, or commonly referred to as an ISO. Your ISO is in charge of getting your account set up, they can get you a credit card machine, they assist with tech support, and are your go to person for anything involving your merchant processing account. Generally an ISO work’s with a few different merchant processing company’s, so they are able to find you a company to suit your needs. When you select an ISO to work with, make sure they are a reputable company. Odds are you get sales agents coming by your business offering merchant services, they give you a great pitch, promise you the world, and when you hit your first road bump they are gone. Remember that sales agents, are well… sales agents. They will tell you what you want to hear, get the sale and drop off the earth.

Do your homework on the ISO, read reviews online, and make the right choice!

24 Hour Technical Support and Customer Service.

When you accept credit cards sometimes things are bound to go wrong. Its the nature of the industry and technology. Having a credit card processing company that has a 24 hour customer service and tech support call center is a very important factor you should consider before choosing a processor to work with. Of course if you run a 9-5 business its not as important as a merchant with a restaurant or bar open into the early morning hours.

Accept Credit Cards, Without the Hidden Rates.

Most credit card processing companies will have a few charges that will pop up and leave you questioning. Make sure all of your fees are laid out in front of you, and remember these fees are negotiable. Depending on the volume of transactions you, your average processing, or if your transferring your account to the company.

Offer a Free Machine to Accept Credit Cards.

Often times if you are in need of your first credit card machine or just need to upgrade, some ISO’s will offer a free terminal. You can ask when you reach out to the company to see if they offer free online payment gateways, free card readers, or free credit card machines. This shouldn’t be a major fact, but it is always something an agent will be able to work with you about.

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