If you’re a professional photographer and you’ve got a business website that you would like to send traffic to then search engine optimization is without a doubt an important tool to have readily available. Previously SEO was reasonably straightforward. Extra one way links meant better rankings for your site. So if you managed to generate one way links that had keywords such as ottawa wedding photography as the anchor text, the result was you had an edge over the competition for the search engine ranking of this keyword. And whilst inbound links continue to be important, there are also other factors that must be considered.

For example, in the last few years there have been two kinds of search engine marketing that a professional photographer working within a local market had to understand – local SEO & organic SEO. And as Google changes, so do the rules of the SEO game that you need to be aware of. Right now these two kinds of search engine optimization have sort of been merged into one, which means you can’t just concentrate on one or the other. You must know them both.

So what’s the difference between them, and what parts of each have to be used by wedding photographers ottawa undertaking search engine marketing right now? Well organic search engine marketing is the old-school version of SEO where one way links were the main element. Local SEO is based more on such things as user generated reviews plus citations to help improve the ranking of your business website.

Which means, for any photographer looking to increase their search engine rankings, the following are the essential elements to work on. The first is backlinks, which is the same as it’s always been. The difference is that now you have to have a more varied set of backlinks which use a range of search terms within the anchor text, together with backlinks which use no anchor text whatsoever.

Next you must make sure that you are getting as many user generated reviews for your business as you can. You should entice your customers to create reviews on a variety of websites starting with Google itself, but also on a variety of other popular business review sites such as CitySearch. It’s critical that you don’t try to work the system by putting up phony reviews of your own business. This could easily get you into trouble with Google and see your site penalized.

Along with reviews you should also be looking for ways to citations for your business. These are instances on the web in which the name, street address and phone number of a business are published on trustworthy sites. This adds to the trustworthiness of your photography business in Google’s eyes and helps to confirm that you are a genuine business working in a geographic area.

Last but not least you’ve got to be more involved with social websites. Facebook has grown in its ability to impact rankings and some other social websites like Twitter & Google + are also having an impact. So ensure you are syndicating your blog posts throughout all of these social sites.
Stick to the tips above and you will be on the right track to enhancing the search rankings of your business website.

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