Many people know of Hoboken as the place where Carlo’s Bakery is found. But there are a lot of other things that people don’t know about Hoboken. There are a lot of things that we would not have if it had not been invented in Hoboken.

Below you will find out some interesting things about Hoboken that you may not know. These are some things that may make you want to visit Hoboken and possibly come back again and again. Hoboken is a wonderful town with an interesting history and many secrets.

1. It’s where baseball and Frank Sinatra were born. The very first game in recorded baseball happened in Hoboken in 1846. It was between Elysian Fields, New York Nine, and Knickerbocker Club

2 Hoboken is where America’s first brewery was built. It’s found upon Castle Point. The person who got the brewery patent was Nicholas Varlett in the year 1663.

3. Hoboken was the birthplace of the zipper.

4. Macy’s Parade studio, the place where the floats are housed for the Macy’s parade, used to be found in Hoboken and has been there since 1968. This studio had been a factory for making Tootsie Rolls. But the studio was relocated because of area redevelopment.

5. On the Waterfront, a film from 1954 starring Marlon Brando, had its filming in Hoboken. This film was based on some true stories, which had been written by Malcolm Johnson, regarding extortion and murders on the waterfront in New York.

6. Some other famous people were born there, which includes Alfred Stieglitz, Alfred Kinsey, Bessie Barriscale, Pia Zadora, and Laura San Giacomo. Some of the NFL players who were born here are Bruce Elia, Bob Lally, Frank Winters, and Mark D’Onofrio.

7. There is an international film festival there every year which runs from June and ends in July. It includes movie showings and special events. Although it’s not as big as other film festivals, it’s something that a lot of people look forward to in Hoboken . Many people come to Hoboken to experience this every year.

8. Hoboken’s got its very own food tour. It’s called Mangia Hoboken. This is a tour that lets the visitors to find out what is going on in a few of the most historic and popular food spots in Hoboken. This is a really tasty and popular thing to do in Hoboken and many people come to Hoboken every year to experience it.

If you are looking for a place to visit that has a lot to offer and is right on the east coast, you will find that Hoboken is the best place to go. Along with the things that are listed above, you are going to find lots of things to do and places to go in Hoboken. Hoboken has a lot of things to do that everyone can enjoy and an interesting history to boot. You have the excitement of New York and the food of Paris right on the east coast to enjoy.

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