A whiteboard is really as it sounds, a large white board – however with a difference. This board has produced in touch screen technology, when images are projected onto it from an attached computer or laptop the screen could be controlled with a finger or whiteboard tool to ‘interact’ with all the IWB.

Your whole computer could be accessed at the touch of a finger, and when with all the applications, for example notepad, the handwriting tool means you may use one of the whiteboard pens and literally write on the watch’s screen. whiteboard pens have no ink and are in essence similar to the stylus device that comes with many hand held computers and phones, nonetheless they have also been programmed to know very well what colour they are. Red, green, blue and black include the four common colour choices, and ideal for brainstorming sessions etc. where different ink colours make following progress easy.

IWB within the classroom can run specifically created software, appropriate to the age of child that creates learning fun. Even the youngest children in reception classes will use an interactive whiteboard, where they could be required to touch the proper animal or colour included in a lesson. Touching the dog could cause the programme to learn the correct sound for that animal which clearly kids like to hear and will therefore engage more while using session.

As the child progresses from the school the programs get more complex and for example children at GCSE stage could be designing a blueprint for technology class having an interactive whiteboard, meaning a gaggle of kids can all work at the same time, also developing their team working skills.
The price of IWB systems has got an increasing number of affordable which makes it more inclined that you are going to be able to have one positioned in your office or school, through shopping around you can potentially get a really good deal.

You have to be able to locate the board on a wall so space must be considered, and then to complete the set up you’ll need some form of projection unit as well as the computer or laptop to run it from. There are several projector options whether you’ll need a rear projection unit or even a ceiling mounted front projector, and again it largely is dependent upon the space available.

You additionally need to consider the direction from the window as excessive light shining on the screen will make it hard to view, so this can limit in which you site the board but an excellent IWB retail company can advise you.

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