Taxes are increasing and given the report unemployment numbers, coupled with a stagnant overall economy and foreign financial obligations, Americans need to eliminate any unnecessary expenses. Taxes are necessary for needed public needs. The second any local, state or federal expert decides to spend money on questionable expenses the smart of the ordinary United states increases. Is there a way to fight back against any tax that a community can feel is unnecessary along with unreasonable?

Recently, there is an unprecedented referendum throughout Hopewell Township, Mercer County New Jersey. Your Township was set to speculate $4.1 million to increase the daily sewage treatment capacity by 276,000 gallons. The Ewing Lawrence Sewerage Authority had been awarded the contract. Hopewell Township people saw no plausible reason to make such an investment as there really was no need to increase the sewage capacity.

A group of people formed ‘Citizens for Tax Choice’ a nonpartisan group exactly where registered voters came to political election against the investment. The CFTC collected over 1700 signatures of registered voters and might ensure that the sewage relationship be put to an election. Interestingly more than 85% voters which went to the polling presentation areas voted against the shift of buying 276,000 gallons associated with added capacity through Ewing Lawrence Sewerage Authority.

What happened within Hopewell Township can happen to you. Taxes are not a foregone conclusion. You are able to protest government costs that will raise your taxes “Taxpayers use a right to understand what they’re liable for financially, when all this extra sewerage is absolutely needed, and at what capacity,” concluded Harvey Lester, the CFTC supporter. “As a result of our initiative, the facts might be analyzed and disputed openly, folks will make an informed decision with this in mind very complex problem, and they can communicate their feelings soon after careful consideration in the privacy of the voting booth.”

Taxes without representation will be against the very perception of what it is to be an American. Mr. Lester is right; each community has the power to effect change. Are you ready to fight unnecessary taxes in your community? To find out how Hopewell Township did it visit

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