When people work out, they tend to use gloves that are not supportive for the amount of weight that they will handle. Even worse is to have the palms of your hands ripped because you do not have enough support from the gloves to ensure a tight grip. Having crossfit hands can be very serious if not taken care of properly. Many women like to use gloves to prevent calluses from forming in the palm of their hands. Men, however, like to take advantage of gripping the bar as much as possible. When your palms are ripped, it takes a long time to recover. In most cases, your skin is not able to handle the strain from the vigorous workouts; your hands ultimately tare, which is painful and unsightly. If you want to work with supporting gloves that not only saves your hands, but is also healthy for the environment, then you should look into Tire’d Grip XF . You do not have to lift weights just to wear these new grips. Today many Crossfit athletes, Olympic weightlifters, water skiers or anyone that comes into contact with strenuous gripping sport or exercise should use Tire’d Grip XF. Here are some of the great benefits and features of Tire’d Grip XF, and in the long run, your hands will not become injured like so many of the Crossfit hands you see on the internet.

So you may be wondering where we got the name Tire’d Grip XF from. Well, our grips are made from repurposed truck inner tubes which as slated for the landfill. Not only does it save the environment by recycling all of those tires to be used for our products, but we can also save our customers from ripping their hands when participating in different sports. Each grip is made to help absorb the shock and strain from the bars that have pressure on the hands. The great thing about Tire’d Grip XF is that also come with moisture guards that will prevent the moisture from strenuous activity from reaching your palm. You do not have to worry about ripping your hands with these new style grips because Tire’d Grip XF is starting to be widely accepted in southern cross-fit style work outs. Tire’d Grip XF are a great solution for knees to elbows, feet to bar ,dead lift, kipping pull-ups, and more.

Protecting your hands is very important. Even when you are not exercising or playing sports, you have to use your hands on a daily basis. Whether it is to drive a car, or even open a jar, your palms are very sensitive, and if not properly taken care of, they can easily rip and cause serious injury. Making an investment into grips that can save your hands in the near future is way more important than going to the doctors that will charge you hundreds of dollars just to see what the cause may be. Tire’d Grip XF is a part of the future, saving one hand at a time. These new grips are eco- friendly, and they last for a very long time. The moisture grip pads can be replaced as many times as you would like. These gloves are also easy to wear. You only clip your two middle fingers in the slots and wrap the strap around your hand and that is it. If your hands were ripped before because of cross- training, you can still use these gloves to prevent further damage. This is where the rubber meets the bar when it comes to Tire’d Grip XF.

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