While feature films are meticulously organized in every detail, it would appear that documentary films along with TV-productions sometimes are produced “on the actual move”. However, this impact is misleading. Possibly because until now there is no software program assisting the documentary film maker in his planning phase, and consequently everything had been solely discussed vocally. For documentary makers usually have very certain image and sound concepts in mind: whether it be that they envision an energetic adaptation of the movie, or a substituted POV or perhaps sometimes an epic course with lots of scenes chance on tripod.

The various photo styles have a significant influence on the way the message of the film gets transmitted to the audience and are therefore not aimlessly exchangeable.

Many written producers plan along with prepare their shows by themselves and therefore must be on top of every tiny detail. This includes the development of image and sound concepts along with the instructions for the lighting technical assistant, but also the contents like the questions for the appointment, the duration of the particular film for transmission and furthermore the taking pictures and editing schedules. And last but not least, handles of the shooting spots and deviating meeting points for the crew need to be established as well.

Cell phones and digital leader are limited tools. Such a flood of information would just go beyond their ability. Consequently a professional film planning tool is necessary to handle all those information a producer needs, in order to strategically prepare his or her documentary film.

Sceneum Docu actively supports written filmmaker in the pre-production time period of their films; in the initial idea using the concepts for shooting and sound, throughout the call-sheets for the film team.

Instead of briefing the cameraman, seem engineer and sometimes your lighting technician with the film idea in order to the shooting area (actually a quite common exercise), with Sceneum Docu all essential documents are already made in the planning phase and may be sent to the c’s via e-mail ahead of the real shooting dates. On this manner, the filmmaker has much more freedom along with valuable time to take care of the particular creative aspects for your shoot, as the crew already knows the important points and does not need to be advised on location.

For that reason, with Sceneum Docu the filmmaker’s electronic digital workflow already begins during the planning time period.

The software program can be obtained for download as a 30-day Test Version for Home windows (XP, 7 along with Windows 8 once available) at www.mediaware.us. Currently, Sceneum Docu is available in English; your software is easy to use and does not require a complicated learning process, as it is organized as and leans on the typical work-flow of a filmmaker.

For more information about www.mediaware.us please visit the website.

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