I’ve been on the hunt for fitness gym business network but I’m experiencing difficulty! For anyone out there thinking about starting a gym or buying a gym, there just won’t seem to be much in the way of knowledge. The only information will be able to find is related to the particular 24 hour gym franchise boom. Although I know that each franchisor provides details to their franchisees, where take it from there of us independent gymnasium owners meet for you to collaborate?

I have searched for bally total fitness marketing and linked types of information, however all I apparently find are numerous programs for sale. It doesn’t satisfy what I’m looking for! I want to notice an actual resource pertaining to gym owners, people, and managers to be able to congregate. There seem to be forums for every kind of company, hobby and activity out there, but if to consider a forum or even message board specifically targeted to gym owners you come up with nothing! How can it be that this is the Simply industry that doesn’t have a very sanctuary on the internet?

However, I must be among the only people out there searching for such a thing because We checked in with Google and their keyword tool informed me that we now have currently only 22 searches for “gym owner forum” per month across the whole globe! When I checked together with IHRSA, I found out that there were more than 26,830 fitness facilities and gyms in the united kingdom (and that was back in 2005). Even if those gyms were the newest fad micro formatting 24-hour gyms with only 5 people operating at them, there are at least 134,000 people who are right involved in the gym company. By simply looking at that will number, I know it is way off. I understand that most gyms have many more employees, coach, managers, owners, and investors.

So that begs the question, when there are over 26,000 fitness centers in the country and at least 134,000 workers serving at least 50 million members (IHRSA study conducted January Next year) – why don’t they’ve got any desire to connect with each other on the internet? It appears almost inconceivable in my opinion that this is the case. For that reason, there must be many “micro” fitness residential areas on the internet: hundreds of modest groups on Facebook, Twitter, franchise method websites, and maybe obviously any good few smaller community forums that I failed to track down.

I’m hoping that all individuals reading this will have some ideas; perhaps there are actually means out there and I’m only missing them in some way – This is transforming into a more frequent argument for me lately and it seems that every time My spouse and i bring it up with individuals the industry, they figure out that I should go and make a forum. If you’re a health club owner, a gymnasium investor, or even thinking about starting or purchasing a gym I’d like to a person weigh in with me. Would you like a main place on the internet where one can connect with other health club owners, ask questions concerning strategy, discuss marketing and advertising, and mentor newbies? If not, why? I certainly know that I would like it!

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