I’ve been on the hunt with regard to fitness gym business networking but I’m having trouble! For anyone out there considering starting a fitness center or buying a fitness center, there just does not seem to be much in the way of data. The only information will find is related to the 24 hour gym business boom. Although I know that each franchisor provides information to their franchisees, where take over from there of us independent gym owners meet to collaborate?

I have sought out new fitness marketing and related types of information, nevertheless all I seem to find are a variety of programs for sale. This does not satisfy what I am looking for! I want to discover an actual resource for gym owners, investors, and managers for you to congregate. There appear to be forums for every the category of business, hobby and sports activity out there, but if you consider a forum or perhaps message board specifically targeted in order to gym owners generate nothing! How can it’s that this is the ONLY industry that doesn’t possess a sanctuary on the internet?

Regrettably, I must be one of many only people out there trying to find such a thing because My partner and i checked in with Google and their keyword instrument informed me that there are currently only 22 searches for “gym owner forum” monthly across the whole planet! When I checked within IHRSA, I found out that there have been more than 26,830 fitness centres and gyms in the nation (and that was back 2005). Even if dozens of gyms were the modern fad micro format 24-hour gyms with just 5 people functioning at them, there are a minimum of 134,000 people who are directly involved in the gym organization. By simply looking at that number, I know that it’s way off. I am aware that most gyms have numerous more employees, instructor, managers, owners, as well as investors.

So that suggests the question, in case there are over 26,000 fitness centers in the united states and at least 134,000 staff serving at least 50 million members (IHRSA questionnaire conducted January The new year) – why don’t they have got any desire to interact with each other on the internet? It seems like almost inconceivable to me that this is the case. Therefore, there must be many “micro” fitness areas on the internet: hundreds of small groups on Fb, Twitter, franchise technique websites, and maybe even a few smaller message boards that I failed to locate.

I’m hoping that all people reading this will have some thoughts; perhaps there are actually resources out there and I’m just missing them for some reason – This is becoming a more frequent rant for me lately also it seems that every time I bring it up with people the industry, they inform me that I should go and make a forum. If you’re a gymnasium owner, a gym investor, or even contemplating starting or investing in a gym I’d like to anyone weigh in with me personally. Would you like a key place on the internet to connect with other gymnasium owners, ask questions with regards to strategy, discuss marketing, and mentor novices? If not, why? We certainly know that I’d like it!

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