First off, Evernote is often a note taking program produced for PCs, Macs, cell phones, and the web. Evernote retains all your notes synced, so that if you make a note on your PC, you can view it in your phone, and the other way around. Every note you create is uploaded for your Evernote account to the internet allowing you to login over the internet and view your notes. Furthermore, you can also snap photographs with your cell phone and upload it for your notes.

Amongst every one of the cool things that are part of Evernote, one of the coolest is its optical persona recognition (OCR) feature. Paired income take and add photos, the OCR characteristic scans the image and indexes all the wording it can read. This signifies that you can search your pictures for text. Using this ability, the possibilities are usually endless!

Here are some possible uses:

Empty the wallet of business credit cards
Take a quick shot of a flyer
Consider notes out of the sunday paper
Snap a picture of what’s on the blackboard
Create a catalog of execute menus
Take a fast shot of what exactly is on your monitor

Right now, some of you may be somewhat skeptical about Evernote’s accuracy. For the most part, Evernote’s OCR works very well. All pictures below have been shot with a Three.2 MP digital camera phone. Evernote’s OCR will work using any resolution image, but the higher the actual resolution (or mega-pixels for the less technological), the better the accuracy. Additionally, if your picture will be blurry, then the OCR won’t work quite as well. OCR has gotten much better over the years, nevertheless it still is not perfect.

I was surprised at how good Evernote’s OCR indexed the book picture even though the text was tiny and also almost unreadable in some portions. Having a high quality camera phone (Three or more.2MP compared to 1.3MP regular camera phones) definetely tends to make OCR more accurate. Although the software could recognize handwriting, pricier it in all cases. Evernote is incredibly picky about the handwriting it can recognize. In simple terms, if you have messy handwriting, don’t count on Evernote to be able to read it.

Evernote is free to work with, but has a 40MB limit for free accounts. 40MB is sufficient space for lots of info, but if you need more space, they offer premium subscriptions for $5/month which includes 500MB of space and concern OCR. I found that it only takes a couple of minutes (1-5) for my photographs to be scanned by using a free account, which will be plenty rapidly for most users.

Once all is said and done, Evernote stands out as an exceptional and unique instrument for note taking. It’s certainly not the ability to synchronize paperwork across various pcs and phones that will distinguishes Evernote, rather, it’s the OCR feature that makes nipping notes a breeze. Forget concerning writing down what you see; all you need to do now is click a picture!

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