Heat wave in recent years has led to record sales in air conditioners. Some of the famous manufacturers sold two or three times more units than early laid down, and networks specializing in electronics stores such as Media Galaxy and Flanco, were forced to source more often than in past summers. However, there is confusion among many consumers, ie what company to choose. Manufacturers are many, including Samsung, Whirlpool, LG, Chigo, Daewoo, Sharp, Gree Bee, Yamato, NORDSTAR or Neo. More and more companies appear on the market with low prices, but the quality of these products is not nearly as good as the quality standard ISO 9000.

The truth is that the increased demand prompted to enter the store chains and air conditioning sales from less known manufacturers but priced much lower than established firms. At the moment, customers are extremely happy that they can buy a device at a lower price. However, soon discover that most have to wait even a month for the promised free installation when buying, ie until summer passes, or there is some damage and not getting the necessary repair services. For example, compressor failure is extremely expensive when the warranty is not valid, since it can cost between 600 and 900 lei. Therefore, it is advisable to inform yourself well before purchasing an air conditioner.

It should be noted that some brands offer better quality products than others, however there are exceptions. For example, you can buy an air conditioner bearing wall Yamato brand at a price of 1000 Ron device that take much longer and be more reliable than a 1500 Whirlpool Ron. Before you buy, make sure you know what you want on cooling capacity, energy class functions. Last but not least, take into account the opinions of friends or acquaintances who have purchased such a device before. Reviews you can search the web, or you can call using a specialized consultant Flanco, Domo or Altex.

To get an idea of preferences Romans Below we present a list of best selling air conditioners on the market.

Whirlpool AMD 031/1

One of the best selling devices on the market, not only because of the unique functions of sleep, jet, U and self, but also because of good price of only 1249.90 Ron. Whirlpool AMD 031/1 is part of the air conditioners class power consumption for both cooling and heating, with the following functions: Swing Jet Cool, Auto-Restart, The 6th Sense, recirculation operation in night mode. This unique product features a green refrigerant R410A and has 2 years warranty. One of the many places where it can be procured is:

Vortex VAC-A09G3D

With a cooling capacity of 9000 BTU / h, this unit is designed to give you the comfort you need any day of the year. Due to the large number of orders, this product is no longer available only on a few sites online but can be found at major retailers in the market such as Carrefour, Metro and Flanco. Device package includes installation kit it with a length of 3 meters. With a 2 year warranty and a price of 1.099 RON (installation included), it’s no wonder that this product was bought so fast.

Beko Prestige Line

In a review of 4.6 out of 5 stars this product is among the best selling right now on the Internet. Just 1449 Rhone, free installs Beko Prestige Line and includes the following functions:

– Anti-bacterial: device filter is very powerful and reliable, retaining most of the fine dust particles in the air. It also prevents the reproduction of bacteria and produce a healthier atmosphere in the room.
– Hotstart: fan speed is easily controlled according to the evaporator temperature in heating mode.
– Digital Display: LED can help you easily control the device and reduce the time you spend by setting it.
– Dezumificare: this function is used especially during rainy days or in areas with high humidity. Operating in cooling mode or fan only, the device can create a comfortable humidity level without reducing the room temperature.
– Auto-restart: another function extremely important and useful. Holding this position, your device can automatically restart function last set when power is interrupted.
– Remote control: it is much easier to control, helping you to feel more comfortable.
– Timer function quite useful in that energy savings can close scheduling turning the air conditioner.

With a cooling capacity of 9050 BTU and a heating of 9730, this model from Beko has an energy class A, is extremely useful to maintain a constant room temperature.

Samsung Wi-Fi Jungfrau K AQV12KBBN

Certainly for a quality device, priced accordingly. Although this air conditioner can be found at prices between 3500 and 4000 Ron’s capabilities far exceed those of similar products. If you want a truly exceptional quality device that can give you great before acquaintances and friends, Samsung Jungfrau K AQV12KBBN is the best option.

With a world-class energy efficiency, this air conditioner from Samsung helps you make significant energy savings, helping you save money even when not turned on. Due to improved control panel using tiny amounts of energy when turned off, you can save up to 90% more than conventional devices using air conditioning. Other unique features are: high density filter, protection against allergies, coenxiune Wi-fi, turbo cooling and automatic cleaning.

Functions of air conditioners

When you decided to buy an air conditioner, it is very important to choose one that is most effective for your needs today. Whether it is big or small, split, wall or window, the most important aspect of air conditioners are their functions. Each air conditioner has certain features that you diferenteaza the rest of similar products on the market. Therefore, before you choose an air conditioner that suits your needs, it is necessary to keep in mind certain features and functions that it possesses. Next, we present the most important features of modern devices nowadays.

Ventilation function

This very important function, the air conditioner air ventilated the room, without changing temperature. For most fans, this function is found outside, while the air conditioners, ventilation function is performed by an internal motor. This function appears in all air conditioners, representing their main feature itself. Fans push air from one side to the other side of the room, improving the cooling or heating the room.

Heating and cooling function

These two functions are extremely important for an air conditioner. Most devices today have both functions, not just the cooling. If the mid-20th century had only air conditioners cooling function, they now also features a 2 – position, ie the heating. The truth is becoming increasingly cold winters, especially in our country, so it is necessary that modern air conditioning units to be equipped with this function. Function is heating up to 28 degrees Celsius, and the cooling can reach up to 16 degrees.

Dehumidification function

As moisture can cause more discomfort than a high temperature, specialists wanted to improve air conditioners and so have introduced systems that have dezumificare function. With this function, the air conditioner will remove humidity from the room and improve the state of comfort for you and your family. Not only that the room will be a constant temperature but also humidity chamber will normal. Humidity is removed from the environment and the atmosphere of the room will be very enjoyable.

Inverter function

Air conditioners that hold this function automatically monitors and controls the cooling capacity is used at a time in the room. Unlike a normal device operating at full capacity until reaching the desired temperature, air conditioners possessing Inverter function have reduced energy consumption by 30% and reach the desired temperature more quickly, avoiding any temperature fluctuations . In addition, to avoid repeated starting and stopping of the compressor, and it prolongs the life of the system.

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