Some people find a list of cold sore cures a very long read. There are just about as many suggestions as there are people who have suffered from them. One of the supposedly effective cures for cold sores is ice. There is still a failure to find an official cure for cold sores even if the said condition has been affecting a lot of people from all over the globe. Luckily, there are some pills and creams which do a good job in helping prevent the cold sores from erupting or helping in shortening the healing period. While it is true that these healing options work for some people, there are still many who are still suffering from this condition despite using such healing methods. That is why they usually turn towards unconventional cures, just to be Cold Sore Free Forever.

Alternatives to medical treatments are products such as Cold Sore Freedom in 3 Days by Grace Melgarejo. These products are known for providing sufferers with both their own set of treatments as well as a collection of home remedies that are already known to effectively cure cold sores. Some scientists have proven that the compounds fond in the garlic can help treat cold cores. Unfortunately, the scientists are still working to identify the particular compounds in order to produce a cure in commercial form. Anyone can have cold sores due to the important fact that they are contagious. Cold sores can be prevented from being contagious by changing your toothbrush or limiting your contact with other people while you still have it. In case that the antiviral modification does now work, you should at least take an aspirin for the pain it comes with.

You can read the Product Comparisons at to help you know more. You will then learned about the many alternative forms of treatment s well as their success rates in treating cold sores. If nothing worked from your previous options, there are still others that will. Another method of treatment is to gently rub alcohol on the cold sore to dry it out. In addition to, you should avoid being stress as it can produce a new sore since the virus that causes it can affect the nerves. Also, try to avoid being under the sun for too long as it can also cause cold sores. There is no need to panic if you feel a tingling or a bump that feels like getting worse.

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