For all new and aspiring active traders and investors, learn the secrets of chart reading technical analysis.

The study of stocks and futures charts commonly referred to as technical analysis or chart reading is the basic skill of all traders. Even longer term investors who may favor fundamental analysis will still be educated and knowledgeable in the areas of technical analysis
As a professional trader, trading educator, and a trading system developer, has prepared this course to fast track your way to making money from the stock market.

The approach to using various technical and math based trading indicators has been well documented over the years. I have been a regular contributor to various trading magazines, online publications and blogs.

I have conducted thousands of educational online webinars, numerous in person seminars and I have personally coached and mentored many hundreds of successful traders.

The in building this new website is to address the very basic and fundamental skills required to properly learn how to read stock, futures or commodity charts.

This educational series is not an advanced course on active trading that uses overly complex and at times esoteric indicators. In fact it is just the opposite. It’s a hands on ‘how to get started’ approach.

You won’t’ see any high end glossy artistically generated graphs or reports. What you will see is how a seasoned veteran trader approaches chart reading.

As I have always done in the past, I will keep things simple. I will show you by doing, by actually loading my own charts and walking you through the process step by step.

A video based step by step approach to locating support and resistance, applying the proper tools and indicators to your charts, identifying price entries, and combining those with protective stops and potential targets.

In addition to the educational materials, I have also included as a bonus 2 additional videos, and 1 audio interview.

This additional content will allow you to have a much deeper understanding of the way I dissect a market, and provide you with some insights into my own career, strugles, accomplishments, obstacles, and success.

So let’s get started and let me show you the hidden secrets of chart reading, technical analysis and making money in the stock market.

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