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Today more than ever, with events and people are trying to find a solution or a new trend for wedding invitations or any other occasion. The trend has been that book on CD. Book lights that can include: original music, pictures or digital photo album with a story or event or other who want to perpetuate before and after the event. As a result, the site of cd-invite, the idea was cool that my wife and I thought the book original to our wedding, we circled something serious, clip taken during the day with more than 30 participants, then edit carefully and got amazing dvd invitation to all our guests and of course the memory overwhelming for us (soon you will see the video clip on the site).

Invitations on CD-ROM or Invitations on DVDs are the hottest new invitations in the invitation industry. We can make a custom CD-ROM or DVDinvitation for any event or use one of our cool samples. provides a wide range ofinvitation or business card on CD Media. For any occasion like: Wedding, Parties, Bachelor Party or Bar – Bat Mitzvah.

Our marketing office is located inJerusalem,Israel. Here we have our International marketing department that deal with our online or phone order from all over the world.

In our office you will get all the services: CD Burn, DVD Burn, CD/DVD Content, CD/DVD Design Labels’ of your choice, and will be shiptoyour front door.

The service and quality is above all. We will be very delighted to join you in to our customer’s data base.

We do have our own graphic department who handle all your graphic needs from label design uptocontact and menu design.

Compact disc (CD) invitations are a different way to invite friends and family members to events such as birthday or engagement parties. CD invitations not only offer a visual invite to an event but a way to share lasting memories of the event through music. Although CD invitations are not the cheapest option, they can be a memorable way to invite partygoers to attend. Does this Spark an idea?

At cd-invite you will approached with the best service, with emphasistoplease each one of our customers. Professional service and much savingstoduplication and production of CD/DVD. We duplicate, print and packaging any quantity without limitation and fast. Supply can shippedtoany placeinthe world by UPS or FEDEX.

Visit our web site to find out more and order your own cd or dvd invitation for your upcoming event.

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