Social wine competition site launches, imbibing wine education to newbies and oenophiles alike.

While wine tasting has had somewhat of a reputation for being relegated to old money, stuffy lawyers and retirees, it’s now more accessible, thanks to Wine Battles. The site, which turns wine tasting into a social competition, improves participants’ education of wine without the pomp and circumstance.

Wine Battles Founder Mike O’Brien grew up stomping grapes in Monterey, California. While he was exposed to the wine industry, he never had the chance to fully develop his interest:

“I always have had a core interest in wine but I never had the knowledge, and didn’t have a way to get it. I thought Wine Battles would be a great journey for people like me to experience wine firsthand.”

But it wasn’t enough to create a wine education website or in-person tasting classes. O’Brien wanted to break through the traditional wine club concept and make that journey more fun. His solution? A board-game inspired method of not only learning about wines but also creating an engaging and playful event with friends and family.

When participating in a Battle, players drink identical sets of wines as other players, which creates a Flavor Calibration, a proprietary wine rating algorithm. This makes it possible for players to get recommendations for future bottles. It’s like Netflix for wine.

And for those who fantasize of being a Sommelier, Wine Battles gives them the chance. Each Battle contains a set of instructions to guide one player to become the Battle Sommelier. Each Battle includes tear sheets to help players know what to look for in the taste, like notes of currant, cherry, tobacco, et cetera.

“It’s something people are interested in and now they can explore it in the comfort of their home with friends. It’s an exceptional way to learn,” says O’Brien.

Wine Battles appeals to wine newbies and aficionados alike, from retirees in planned communities, to parents looking to unwind at home on the weekend, to women celebrating girls’ nights out. Check out the latest Wine Battle here.

About Wine Battles

Wine Battles is revolutionizing the wine industry. Its tournament-style wine competition allows you to drink, review and vote on wines. Each week of the tournament you and your partner will receive two bottles of wine and help decide the winner. Enjoy the amazing wines we curate, expand your wine knowledge directly from the wine’s makers and engage in a social competition where picking the winning wine moves your ranking up! See how it works.

Learn about Wine while tasting amazing wines and competing in a fun social online game designed to help you learn about wine.

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