Whenever you buy backlinks to boost your page ranking, you have to be smart. Use these tricks to boost the popularity of the page like never before!

Buying backlinks to increase the volume of traffic to a web web site is today’s trend. However, while you /// to your website from various link building service providers, there are some very important things you ought to keep in mind, to ensure you are getting value for your money. Here they are:

1) When you are buying or creating backlinks, don’t create thousands of backlinks in a very short period of time. Spread it out over a 30 days or even more. Otherwise, you operate the risk of your website obtaining banned or taken from search engine listings.

2) As much as possible, try to avoid getting links from commonly used link building service providers. Generally speaking, search engines keep track of `paid links`, along with systematically avoid exhibiting them in search final results. It would be advisable to obtain links that are difficult to detect.

3) Persistence, patience, patience. Engines like google can take quite a long time to update their databases, as there are billions of web pages on the internet. Do not count on your website’s PR to go up overnight. A duration of 4 months or more, you will observe a marked increase in traffic and page reputation.

4) It is best to steer clear of:

Link farms
Black-listed web sites
Expired domains
Bottom links
5) Buy links on websites that are in some way or the other associated with your own, so that site visitors from there will get to your website as well. In case you deal with sports equipment, there would be no point within buying backlinks to your web pages on the website of an store that carries musical instruments!

6) Try to find websites that have limited backlink slots. When you are for links and then there is great demand, the need for your page increases naturally. Avoid web sites that are already hosting hundreds of links.

7) Quality is always better than quantity. A few well-placed, quality backlinks are equal to, or even better than hundreds of cheap backlinks scattered all over the internet.

8) Do not give site-wide links. This makes it hard for search engines to bond your website to other people. Deep links will almost always be more effective. Also, assess and understand your individual requirements before buying backlinks. This will help you save quite a lot of money.

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