There is no doubt that ‘happiness’ leads to a satisfied life but “happiness” is probably the most complicated and misunderstood expression in the world. Its description is never same for everybody and surprisingly it never remains same to an exact same person, forever. An ill individual considers ‘health’ as the real riches. A young man may not consider so; quite believes that a great pay out increase or more earnings can purchase more contentment in life. Unfortunately, his conceiving on contentment helps to keep transforming as the time modifications. A person in a devastating marriage takes into account magic of contentment lies in satisfied married life. A sightless person storage sheds tears while he is devoid of each and every exquisiteness of the world he lives in, while most others with beautiful lively eyes prefer keeping them shut rather than viewing this intense challenging world. So the concern remains unanswered: what makes one happy? Is it a huge normal extra income? A Moves Royce with a Palm Beach home or 10,000 Facebook followers or is it a good family members and company of good friends? Can there be any contentment formula especially one that is statistically and clinically credible?

What we should constantly fail to notice that the main reason for unhappiness or no-happiness is simply because many of us aren’t satisfied with how much we now have now. We have been continuously expecting an increase at work, more earnings, befriending rich older family members and regardless of long chances, investing on lottery passes and many more options to purchase more contentment with more income. What we should all skip and overlook is an everlasting fact that ‘real happiness’ lies in highest satisfaction. To be at liberty indicates to be content in whatever you have, in whatever you do, in whomever you are with, happiness lives within ourselves. In the event you think about this lengthy conversation of mine is a bit pessimistic, ambitionless, well, then now could be the right time to move our emphasis to the topic that I desire to talk about.

We have been never satisfied with our incomes; always searching for more ways to earn extra income on the idea that more income will purchase us more happiness. The main subject of our discussion is very easy– the way we can earn additional earnings over our normal income by using our nonproductive fund we have stored up to now or from our periodic surplus amounts, no matter how small it is, if that can include more contentment to our lives, there is no harm in using it sensibly.

Investment is assigned to the work of great use of money to enjoy development in future. Equity is one type of investment in which you have maximum earnings and return possibilities in the event you can take action cautiously with no extreme greed, like a cool expert. It is the best way to improve your money amazingly supplied you spend it really sensibly, I must replicate, really sensibly. Remember that extra income is always associated with additional risks. We should cautiously compare the dangers with earnings possibilities and at the same time appear for methods to reduce risks in equity investments, as per our risk bearing capacities

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