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It is hard to find an SEO expert or a link building expert that has not used article submissions for his or her website promotion online. Submitting articles to article directories is one of the tested and proven links building strategies. If you to want to make use of this strategy to build back links for your website, then this is how it goes.

First, you should come up with an interesting article that is relevant to your niche or products or service. Make sure that you create an attractive title and that title should be keyword rich. Your article too should be keyword rich but it should not be stuffed with keywords. Your article’s readability should not be compromised to make your article keyword rich. Only when your articles are interesting they will be read and shared. Not many people remember this important benefit of article submissions.

When you write good articles and when people like it they will share it with others or even use them in their own websites. This is one good way of making your links count increase in the most natural way. When people use your article in their websites taken from article submissions sites, they will have to use the entire article along with the author resource box where your website’s links will be present.

The next step is to write some good quality topic-related links back to your site by writing an article and submitting it to the article directory. Submitting articles can not only get you links, but could get you some serious traffic if your article is picked up by a big website or ezine. Start submitting today and get the traffic you deserve.

There is yet another important step to article submissions and that is reviewing the submission guidelines in the article directories. For your articles to appear in the directories and to get back links, they will have to be first approved by the article directories. Only when your articles comply with their submission guidelines, your articles will be approved. So to make your efforts bear results spend time in reading the use of terms.

Once your articles are approved, they will appear in the searchable pages and the other users can view your articles. You can submit as many articles as you would like to and you can submit to as many directories as you would like to. However, do not submit the same article to too many article directories. You can create articles with minor variations to avoid content duplication issues.

It is also important that you submit your articles manually and avoid using any software tools for the submissions. This will minimize the article approval rates. Today there are number of good article submission companies that you can consider using for your article submissions needs. Make sure to choose the right service provider so that they you do not jeopardize your website’s online reputation.

Happy article submission 🙂

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