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They say you should come up with what you know. But, where erotica is concerned you might have to waive this rule. Unless, you have a wide selection of personal experience in order to draw on, you’ll have to either ask someone who, get yourself a stack of successful erotic books to read, go online and become knowledgeable or make an educated guess about what might occur in most of the scenarios you write about.

What is Erotica!
Before we get trapped into what erotica is actually, let’s look at what it isn’t. And the biggest error writers make when trying erotica, is to think it’s pornography! It is not – it’s a lot more subtle than that. Pornography is about giving graphic details of the sexual acts – the nitty gritty if you want. Erotica concentrates on the actual emotional and psychological elements, leaving the details to your own imagination. So, now we know things to avoid let’s look at what good erotica ought to be.

1. As gripping as any other story!
Just because you are writing erotica it doesn’t mean that you can disregard the plot. As well as having great sex scene’s, there must also be the usual elements of a gripping story, including complex, well written characters, a page-turning plot and also the usual conflicts between the actual antagonist and protagonist. If you don’t consist of this, no matter how great the sex scene tend to be, your readers will switch off.

2. Choose your setting very carefully.
Most people would, if they had a selection, have erotic encounters within luxurious surroundings, such as on a good exotic beach by moonlight, in a playboy’s penthouse apartment – think ‘Fifty Tones of Grey’ – or within the sumptuous surroundings of a 5 star hotel. Of course, this is not always the case and often choosing uncommon places, such as an illicit, late-night tryst in work or a chance meeting in a secluded wood, can offer highly charged erotic situations. However, dirty or squalid conditions aren’t really conducive to erotica, so avoid them.

3. Power is a fantastic aphrodisiac!
Think ‘Fifty Shades associated with Grey’ again! So try to weave this particular into your plot. And, don’t always think that it needs to be the man exerting power within the woman. You can also explore the realms of S&M and total submission if you feel you can write confidently about this kind of experience.

4. Stay away from taboo subjects
Be careful about taboo subjects. Most publishers of erotica will specify what’s and what is most definitely not acceptable. The not acceptable pile usually contains the theme of rape, incest, extreme violence, necrophilia, under-age sex and bestiality – not necessarily that surprising! The acceptable pile will usually include mild S&M as well as bondage, role play and homosexual sex, so you’ll have plenty to visit at.

5. Be credible
While it may be tempting to possess your amorous couple at it constantly, is it really reputable. After-all we all require sleep, so having your characters up through the night, every night would make them pretty useless in the day time, they’d be knackered! Likewise, the settings for the amorous encounters have to be realistic. No matter how strong the attraction is, it is unlikely that anyone would want to tear off their clothes in the middle of a crowded park in the afternoon.

6. Be explicit, but not too specific.
When it comes towards the description of an act and the body parts used to perform it, you need to make sure that you are not too polite – it’s erotica after all, so readers will expect to read something that’ll get them hot under the collar. However, take care not in order to overdo it. If it’s stuffed full of sexual insults, swearing or becomes overly graphic it’ll seem seedy!

7. Use a pen title
If you fancy having a go at writing erotica but don’t want others to know you do it, use a pen title. Lots of authors get it done and it’s perfectly acceptable when you want to keep parts of the writing separate.

8. Play around with period!
The era of your story can make some intriguing situations and historical settings are very popular in erotica. It’s not surprising truly, as you could possess your characters in fantastic ball gowns, attending a masked ball in a luxurious country house. I’m sure they’d get up to a variety of naughty goings-on! And, there’ll be lots of wonderful description to get your teeth into – basques, stockings, corsets, riding whips, stables, mazees and wigs tend to be some interesting things that come to mind! But, you can also think about erotica in future settings. How would the behave of sex be performed – think Demolition Man, where the act associated with sex is non-contact and performed using virtual reality – how would that feel?

9. Don’t think it’s simple!
Thinking that writing erotica is simple is foolish. It is, in fact, one of the most difficult genres to write, but when you do get it right, it’s wonderful and you could end up with a best-seller on both hands.

So there you contain it. Now go forth as well as write erotica!

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