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What ever the product/item is that you are selling it needs to be laid out clearly and be well explained to generate maximum interest. Benefits laden statements are used to showcase the product and tell your reader how this is going to improve their life.

Bullet Points
Don’t write lengthy paragraphs to describe your product and its great benefits. Break it down as much as possible into easily scanned and reader friendly bullet points. Good bullet points are never more than two lines and never end them with a period; after all you don’t want your reader to stop reading, do you? Individually each point is known as a bullet. Usually 2 folds of bullet points is plenty to get your point across, 4 would be an exceptional maximum.

Product Benefits
If you were selling a book about Dog Obedience and a chapter in that book was about how to stop your dog chasing cars, you might be inclined to use a bullet such as, “Tips to stop your dog from chasing cars”. A far more effective bullet would read, “End the constant worry that your dog will be run over by one of the cars he chases”. Why is the later, the better? You have just told them what the feature is and framed it in such a way that you also say what the benefit is, that’s brilliant!

You can also highlight benefits in your bullets without giving away the features. Huh? Example; “10 things you can change for the better in your dating life, TODAY” So you have stipulated the benefits but you have not revealed any features. You have given the reader a very clear idea of what is going to be in that chapter of the book by using only highly descriptive benefit words.

Value Indicators
Be sure to use value indicators for your readers to gain sense that your product is worth a lot. If you are selling a book or a software program, showcase a different cover for each piece of the product. For example; you have 3 eBooks, 10 videos and a software package, that’s 14 items. Have separate covers for each to promote the size which will equate to value. You can have an image showcasing the whole lot together and you can you can show each individual cover through out you product description so your reader can visualize the value.

Overcoming Objections
Don’t ignore negative feedback! You need it. There is nothing better to help you refine and define your marketing strategy. Your readers by nature will have questions, misgivings and misconceptions about you and your product, its human nature and its called scepticism. We are all sceptical for various reasons, your job is to answer their objections before they are presented.

If you have done good market research before launching your product and know what the competition has to offer, you will get a good feel for what the objections are to your product. The key here is to acknowledge the objections and then answer them as early as possible. Layout the objections they have and counter them one by one.

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