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It’s another Friday night and you know that you did everything right – although you are with your girlfriends you took time to sit alone in the bar every once in a while, you held eye contact and smiled at that guy who apparently was looking at the girl sitting beside you, and you danced and generally had a good time. You go back to your apartment high heels in hand, head still reeling from the alcohol, collapse in your bed – alone, again, for the nth weekend in a row! You try to rack your brain for what you may have done wrong. Perhaps it’s high time for you to stop racking your brain and just go digging in your closet instead!

Different psychological studies have found that a wardrobe change could help you out in the dating department. Bring out your red dresses, your burgundy camisole, your crimson skirt – and make sure you wear them the next time you are on the prowl. Psychologists say men are attracted to women who wear red.

In a study conducted by psychologists at the University of Rochester in New York, they found that red sends subtle messages about a woman’s openness to flirtation. In the study, the researchers showed men pictures of women framed with borders of different colors. Men were then asked to rate the pictures. Afterwards, they were shown women wearing different colors of clothes and were asked to rate them on who seems most receptive to sexual advances.

They were then asked if they had $100 in their wallet and going out with this person, how much are they willing to spend on their date? The results showed that women who wore red scored highly on both tests.

In a separate study conducted by Kayser, Elliot, and Feltman (2010), they asked men to interact with women wearing shirts of different colors. They found that men who were talking to women in red asked more intimate questions from their date, or at least sat closer to them. These women wearing the color of love were more sought-after and were seen more attractive than women wearing different colors.

In a similar study, psychologists found that the effect of the color red was the same on women as it was on men. Women were asked to look at men standing against a red background, or wearing red clothes. The study found that these men in red were more sexually desirable to women, or women perceived them to be of higher social status. Is that perhaps the reason why that cutie caught your eye, after all?

What all these studies suggest is that red triggers a basic primal response – something that operates on the level of instinct in humans as a signal of sexuality and fertility. The color red, widely regarded as the color of love and passion, also signals health, status and fertility. The color subconsciously influences men to find women more attractive, and the same applies the other way around.

So the next time you have a dinner with a date, don’t think twice about putting that red lipstick on! Chances are, at the end of the night, that lipstick won’t be staying too long on those sexy lips of yours.!

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