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A brand new report released by brand protection firm MarkMonitor has revealed that web based abuse of major brands is expanding far more prevalent, damaging brand reputations and upping the risk of unwitting customers becoming the victims of malware and phishing attacks.

Web based brand abuse will involve leveraging the reputation of a well-known brand to draw traffic to a particular web page. According to the ‘Brandjacking Index’ report from MarkMonitor, probably the most widespread type of on-line brand abuse is ‘cyber-squatting’, a kind of trademark abuse exactly where the domain name is such that it implies the web-site belongs to yet another firm. Customers typically obtain themselves on these websites after they make a typical spelling error in the brand name. The report showed that there were nearly 450,000 incidents of cyber-squatting within the fourth quarter on 2008, up 2% quarter on quarter and 18% year on year.

As soon as drawn for the web site, unwitting customers is often exposed to a selection of hazards. One such danger is exposure to malware just like viruses or Trojans which may be installed upon going to the website. Such malware can cause harm for the user’s personal computer or leave it vulnerable to attacks from hackers who can use access the user’s laptop or computer to get sensitive information that include on the net banking passwords and credit particulars.

Yet another substantial danger related with cyber-squatting is phishing, where the site purports to be connected using the genuine brand and attempts to persuade the recipient to component with private facts including payment details or on the internet passwords. But such attacks will not be wholly dependent on cyber-squatting as phishers also generally send a fraudulent e mail which purports to become from a trustworthy source and draws users to their web page. Once the user enters their user name and password it really is passed on towards the fraudsters who can then use it to log into that person’s true account.

Based on the MarkMonitor report, phishing attacks targeting monetary brands rose 51% in the second half of 2008, whilst attacks against payment services similar to PayPal rose by 122%. The report also revealed that phishers are broadening their targets, with 444 organisations getting phished for the first time in 2008 across various industries. In the last quarter of 2008, 422 organisations had been phished, representing an 8% increase over the earlier quarter as well as a 7% boost year on year.

Most worryingly, the report revealed that 80% of abuse websites identified in 2007 had been nonetheless active during the report’s analysis period in the end of 2008, suggesting that brand holders have to have to take a much more aggressive stance against on line brand abusers.

For impacted companies attempting to stop phishing and other malicious activity becoming conducted over the internet in the name of their brand, the largest challenge is usually tracing the perpetrators in the virtual globe. In such cases, the help of computer system forensic professionals is often crucial. Such specialists are in a position to trace the origins in the attacks to a physical location, which may then permit legal action to become taken.

For customers the crucial message is usually to remain vigilant all the time, checking domain names carefully ahead of parting with sensitive knowledge, and treating emailed requests for facts from familiar brands with caution. Customers will need to also make certain that their antivirus and firewall software package is kept up-to-date to ensure any malware which threatens their technique is detected and blocked.

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