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Every business owner and even businessmen know that good copywriting can play a huge role in a given business’ success. After all, how many times have you been turned off by a business because the copy writing in their ad is poorly writ? And if you are faced with many options, don’t you give in to the company with the better written brochure? It’s human nature, we choose what appeals to us most. And copy that is superbly written will always seem appealing. There are podcast interviews of gurus who can teach you the right way to write good copy, and the guru to look out for is John Carlton.

So what are these interviews? Basically they are conversations with a guru, sometimes planned, sometimes impromptu, but always informative. Whether it is a guru of Internet marketing, or a guru of copywriting, the thing with these interviews is that they can give you valuable insight on various aspects of business. One of the best copywriters have been recorded and in it you will learn a whole lot. Don’t believe me? Listen in on the John Carlton interview then, and after that, tell me straight if you did not pick up at least one useful tip from him.

For those who don’t know much about the goings on in the world of copywriting, you probably have never heard of the name. But for Internet marketers, you most likely have come across it in some of your endeavors. You see John Carlton is not only a copywriter, but he is also a very successful Internet marketer as well. What does he market? His teachings in the art of copywriting of course. If you are a master of it, and you want to get into Internet marketing, what else would you be marketing for? In the podcast interviews of John, you will learn how his mind works when doing copywriting or Internet marketing.

As for his being a copywriter, well, to say that he is a successful one is a gross understatement. You see, John is highly regarded in the field of advertising and he one of the brains behind some of the most successful and high profile ad campaigns. What does he do? He writes the copy. That’s what he is made to do, and it is sublime. Think you know a good copywriter? Chances are he learned from John. And if you ask him, he will say that John is a legend in the circles of advertising.
Basically, what you need to know is this, John is one of the highest paid copywriters in the world today. He is semi-retired now though. A shame? Not really, for he now focuses his attention in teaching others the fine art of writing good copy. Lucky for us that he shares his knowledge and experiences to help better ourselves. If you are in doubt of his prowess, just listen to one of his podcast interviews. You might be pleasantly surprised. He speaks much like he writes. He draws you in and is never boring.

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