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I love smoking тАУ I love everything about smoking. Perhaps it was an early тАЬoral fixationтАЭ that began my journey into two packs a day, or perhaps it was the build-up of the physical addiction to nicotine. It really does not matter, because the ultimate outcome was that smoking controlled a lot of my life. If I were invited to a party, my first thought was, тАЬI wonder if I can smoke.тАЭ If I went out to eat, I wanted to be certain that only restaurants that allowed smoking were chosen. If I were taking grandchildren on an outing, I found myself selecting locations and venues where I could find a place to smoke. Non-smokers cannot relate at all, but die-hard smokers certainly can!

Fortunately, smoking no longer rules me. I have found e-cigarette Australia at and now have a freedom not experienced in years. The e-cigarette has truly been a life-saver in many ways, but the freedom from the need to gauge all of my activities around the availability of smoking areas rates top on my list.

For those of you who have not yet tried electronic cigarette Australia, I urge you to conduct your own research on e-cigarettes and then visit this great site for all of their product offerings. At, one will be introduced to the entire concept of electronic cigarette smoking and its many benefits. First, it is far healthier than traditional cigarettes, because many of the dangerous cancer-causing chemicals and tars are not present. Instead, the smoker is getting a dose of nicotine with each inhalation and exhaling only water vapor. This fact alone means that electronic cigarettes are allowed in many places where traditional smoking is banned.

An additional benefit of electronic cigarettes is obviously the fact that those around this smoker are not subjected to the harmful chemicals that are exhaled with regular cigarette use. Parents and grandparents have serious concerns about second-hand smoke, and an e-cigarette alleviates these entirely!

If you are a resident of Australia, many areas will not allow an over-the-counter purchase of an e-cigarette Australia. Your choice then becomes ordering the item, along with the e-liquid cartridges, online. In some areas, e-cigarettes are legal to possess but illegal to purchase; in other areas, only e-cigarettes with non-nicotine cartridges can be purchased. But, at, the smoker has the availability of all options тАУ non-nicotine, regular tobacco flavored, or the huge selection of flavor varieties тАУ fruits, candies, liquor тАУ to name a few. The e-cigarette itself is purchased either as part of a starter kit (the unit, battery charger, and e-liquid cartridges) or as a stand-alone item. Accessories, such as carrying cases and car chargers, are available as well. Any smoker will find the perfect combination of products to meet his/her needs!

I would like to quit smoking, but I also realize from past experience that going тАЬcold turkeyтАЭ or gradually reducing the numbers of cigarettes smoked in a day have been abject failures for me. My electronic cigarette Australia, however, is allowing me to enjoy the physical and emotional aspects of smoking without the most harmful effects and, even better, reduce the guilt I always felt about tobacco use.

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