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Article submission has always been a major source of natural back-links. But most writers and SEO firms think filling a page with keywords and covering it up with simple rewritten text will do the job. However Google has made its stand quite clear, rewritten or in other words weak content will get no value or even worse get negative value for both the website where it’s posted and to the target of its back-link. As a result writing attractive and interesting articles and SEO copies had become ever so important.

Basics factors of SEO related writing:
Writing is among the most valuable task as well as an interesting job and although writers are available in great numbers, all are not successful. The reason for this is quite simple, any writer who respects and follows important factors when writing gets famous and gets high pay while others almost write for a meager pay just for their daily bread.

Writing successful articles or SEO contents requires:
Good command over language
Understanding Readers and their Interest
Mastery of Presentation
Passion to read and write
High Marketing Skills

Good command over language:
If you are not good with the most basic requirement, there is little or no chance to become a successful writer. Writing requires mastery of language (in this case, English) as articles or website contents with grammatical and spelling errors will get the worst possible kick from Search Engines such as Google. In fact Google has become quite strict with the quality of SEO writings ever since the arrival of Google Panda. Writing without errors will not make you a great writer but will make sure you are not among the worst writers out there. On the other hand mastering English perfectly and using well timed and apt words will enhance your appeal on readers and among other writers. “Good and natural flow of words” is very vital to attract large pool of readers which is in turn vital for marketing related writing.

If you are writing for marketing or for SEO articles submissions, you must make sure your content is error free and most importantly written in good words. Articles with errors will be considered dumb and will hardly get accepted on top article directories such as EzineArticles.

Understanding Readers and their Interest:
This is the most important factor and yet it’s ignored by many writers in fact most writers worry little about the readers and their interest. One must understand that Articles or Contents that he/she writes is not meant for the client or your boss but for readers or visitors of the article. Yet most writers give more importance to Search Engines, back-link, client or their boss and forget the real target. Impressing the all the above is good but if you don’t provide the right information that the ultimate visitors want then your writing will lose its main objective of increasing potential leads through the back-link.

Mastery of Presentation:
“First impression is the best impression” your article may contain interesting and rare information but readers mostly decide whether to read or not by looking it just once coz there are a lot of other sources for them on the web. As a result the way you present an article is very important in fact some writers say what you write is second part but how you write and how you present is most important. Make your article easy to read and understand so your readers will stay long enough to read your thought. Using subtitles and bulletins are an excellent idea to increase the overall attractiveness of your article and make it look much more professional. Decide what you are going to write and create some subtopics to make it easy for readers to follow. Use bulletins to enhance the appeal that your article creates, for instance use bulletins to explain important facts so that they are easy to read and make a better appeal to visitors. Apart from enhancing the overall look bulletins and subtitles can be the perfect place to use keywords as it also increases the value of keywords. Never present an article like a story, make it lively and pleasant to read.

Rewriting someone’s article is not the right way and it will simply be rejected by most article sites. Be a gentle man and gather some information and add your own creativity to create an appealing and informative article. To be frank never try to write a professional article until you have enough experience in writing. In fact SEO content writing can be a bit easier than writing creative and attractive articles. Make some research and gather enough and fresh information but don’t simply try to rewrite it but add some spice to it by mixing your own though for instance adding your ideas are not wrong, you can say “some experts say” or “I personally prefer or feel” and add some ideas of your own either from your experience or by mere creativity it will add some spice to the article and will surely impress readers. So never fear or feel shame to add your own idea but if you are not sure whether what you are saying is correct or not then use uncertain words like “may be” or “could be” to make sure you are not giving wrong information.

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