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The Seventies were the start in several ways of the Electronics and digital revolution, Hospitality and travel was made for the airline industry’s use of automation as well as their need to extend this kind of out to the travel firm partners. There was a web based world before the advent of the World Wide Web in the form of private and commercial on-line services, via box switched network utilizing X.25. Travel technology enjoyed a significant role within the e-commerce world where we all live in. This article is about the technologies that could customize the face of travel soon.

Mobile Apps (RFID):

The actual mobile technology offered now nights is not just limited to boarding passes , it has developed directly into comprehensive ‘apps’ that can be downloaded for you to smart phones. With the mind blowing increase in the cell market it has been the major target for all travel businesses. Largest travel network in Asia is soon to file for its mobile apps for all its travel agents .So with the mobile market in place. A cell phone can be equipped with any bar code reader making use of Radio frequency identification, this might enable customers to scan the barcode symbols on holiday brochures as well as booking platforms, details of availability information can be displayed on their mobile phone display. A booking affirmation in turn would have a unique barcode that the client can store this in their phone to ensure that hotels and air terminals can recognize the consumer using a RFID (Radio frequency recognition) – This can Accelerate the check-in, check-out and protection processes faced simply by majority of the passengers.

Social Travel Search:

A lot of sites are now focused on your travel social networks , travel news along with travel guides , integrating information available on the net , what could be an innovative solution is they will developing a travel social search results , where real individuals with real information may answer the travel questions instantly and on a tight schedule , while they are travelling . -This might be a real time travel guide, supplying the right advice and repair to their customers.

Biometric Systems:

The main techniques evolved in biometrics are generally fingerprint, hand, hands vein, face, iris, retina and voice acknowledgement and comparison. It is already common in the use of security systems that we find in workplaces or airports .The actual computers had the particular finger-print and retina scanning programs installed in them. (for his or her security breaches ), so this is not really a new term for most of us .In this the pistol safe(or retina) scanning can really make the travel for the future simpler and more quickly . The fingertip could possibly be classified as a unique identifier for your customer’s profile and also bookings. A customer might scan their fingertip on their computer and also store booking info, their interest, their particular travel trip information, passport along with visa information, and many others.Which they can more retrieve at a travel kiosk , travel look , airport check-in desk, or even at the hotel ,although travelling. – Thus giving a more integrated in and offline intend to customers, they are treated of their documents as well as booking data that needs constant care while travelling.

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