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A great, truly effective way to get your name out to your prospects and market your copywriting business and also to market a product or service is to use email marketing.
Here is a list of effective techniques that have been proven to increase click-through, responses, and conversions.

1. Use short, concise, statements for your subject lines to peak the reader’s interest. Use statements similar to the “fascinations” technique used in direct mail. An example of this would be “Nicotine Drugs To Quit Smoking” or “Hidden Benefits of Being Messy”.

2. Just the same as printed direct mail, having an offer such as a free gift, free shipping and handling or buy two get the third free is very effective. Entice the reader with a gift that’s too good to pass up and they will respond. If you’re a copywriter marketing your services you may want to avoid giving away anything for free. Your skills are valuable and you should be paid well for them. The only exception would be to offer a discount to a non-profit organization.

3. Offer free money. If you are writing an email marketing letter for a company ask them what they would think of offering potential registrants the chance to win a designated amount of money. This has been very effective for some internet companies.

4. Always lead with a strong offer. Never bury it in your body copy. If it’s really strong put it in the subject line. Make it loud! Let the customer know about it up front.

5. Use viral marketing to get your message out. If you send out an email marketing your copywriting services or write an email selling a company’s product or service include a line about forwarding the email to the recipient’s friends, family, or business acquaintances. Ask them to forward the email to someone who may need your services or may buy the product.

6. Always make sure that the email you write is the same as the response page they will be sent to when they click-through. If you are a copywriter promoting your business have a link to different pages on your website (homepage, about me page, portfolio page). When they reach where they are going after the click-through the headline and the copy should carry the same theme as the email.

7. Use shorter letters. In print direct mail the longer letter is king. After many tests on the internet however, internet marketers have determined that shorter letters are much more effective. People are often in a hurry or have a hundred emails to sort through so if yours isn’t concise and to the point they will more than likely click yours to the trash.

8. Try to make your email as personal as possible. Use the prospects names, previous buying habits (like suggesting books based on what you’ve previously bought), or comment on their business. If you’re sending a prospecting email use the name of the person you are sending it to and comment on how you may be able to improve the effectiveness of their website or email marketing letters. Use specific examples of how you can improve these things – this helps showcase your talent and is more effective than a mere introduction email.

9. If you are sending out a newsletter or recurring marketing email always supply an opt-out statement. Something like “If you no longer wish to receive this valuable email, we understand. Just reply with a blank email to be removed from the list.”

10. Try not to email more than three times a month. And be sure to be careful with promotion in the emails. Keep the majority of each newsletter or ezine useful information and not promotional language. You can promote with each email but don’t over do it. If your reader thinks that all you want from them is money then they will remove themselves from your list.

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