An Unforgettable Jungle Vacation

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There are two types of vacationers. There are those who seek relaxation, of course, with perhaps a bit of entertainment thrown in, and then there are those who seek new experiences and adventure. Unfortunately, both sorts of vacationers often exist within the same family, and this can mean strife and disagreement when trying to determine the ideal vacation spot for the family. There are many vacation destinations that claim to cater to both tastes; they may offer spa treatments and heated pools, and at the same time offer horseback riding and golf. All too often, however, these are simply “cookie cutter” resorts that offer nothing new. I say, buck the old traditions, get the passports out, and enjoy a vacation at Dandeli. In fact, nothing could be more unique and exciting that a resort offering a unique jungle experience that everyone in the family (or just couples) will find to be unforgettable. Want a preview for yourself? Then simply visit

A trip to the Dandeli forest is a stimulating experience for all of the senses. At the same time, the experience is both serene and centering for those who are seeking true relaxation. The site, will show you the innumerable opportunities for enrichment, adventure, and self-exploration. Tourists can select to pursue a multitude of activities or to simply enjoy the solitude of such a beautiful and unique area of the world. Adventure seekers might choose one of the following activities:

• Kayaking or White Water Rafting
• Rappelling
• River Crossing
• Canyoning
• Jungle Trekking

Tourists looking for a quieter, more relaxing vacation might consider the following:

• Visiting The Nature Interpretation Center
• Nature Walks
• Visiting the Nagoda Falls and contemplating the miracles of nature

Here are some activities offered by Dandeli Jungle resorts that may have universal appeal:

• A Trip to the Crocodile Park
• A Night Out Camping
• Visiting the Supa Rocks

This is the beauty of visiting the resorts offered at There is something for everyone, and, no matter what experience they may seek, a truly unique and unforgettable adventure. Make no mistake about it – these resorts offer a full range of adult-oriented activities and amenities, but are also family oriented destinations. Even quite young children can find activities of interest at the Dandeli Jungle resorts. What child wouldn’t be thrilled at the idea of a jungle safari specifically adapted for their age group? Just go to http://www,dandelijungleresorts.het.html, to find the most up to date information for planning your next and perhaps most rewarding vacation!

Of course, no vacation is complete without comfortable accommodations and meals. Dandeli resorts offer both, and they pay great attention to detail in these matters. Bison River Resort, for example, offers comfortable rooming coupled with a food service that will please the most adventurous of eaters. Likewise, Hornbill River Resort offers luxurious accommodations and great food. As is common throughout all of India, vegetarian cuisine is a staple.

If you are seeking more luxurious accommodations, consider one of the beautiful hotels. These scenic and glamorous residences combine the opportunity to enjoy nature and adventure while experiencing top notch accommodations. The simple yet comfortable rooms serve as a great example of the many Dandeli resorts and hotels that exist to serve all tourists.

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