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According to the daily 24h edition of 29 June one July 2012, 4 seasons 2012 will be a new return for Montreal within the top 10 cities on the planet where life is good. This classification is presented by the other London daily Monocle. Mentioned previously the journalist Etienne Labrecque, 24 hours daily, so it shouldn’t be surprising in the International Jazz Festival or Grand Prix, Montreal within the good graces of the magazine. This can be mainly due to the Rosemont-Petite-Patrie, Montreal is again considered alongside Paris, Zurich or Stockholm. […] Playboy magazine applauds the efforts from the district to increase green spaces as it deploys energy to fight against heat islands. […] The mayor of Rosemont, Francis W. Croteau and Montreal Mayor welcomed the excellent positioning of Montreal.

Meanwhile Morgan Park …

Morgan Park: Hope is reborn
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The borough of Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve has consulted people to submit a plan for the redevelopment of Morgan Park

Based on the New Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, Morgan Park redevelopment begins this fall, with all the start of construction in the first phase. Fountain square, additions benches, bins and street lights, the project architects want to make the place safe and enjoyable. Morgan Park redevelopment begins this fall, using the start of construction in the first phase. Fountain square, additions benches, bins and street lights, the project architects want to make the place safe and enjoyable.

Emphasis will be placed, according to journalist Steve Caron, for the northern portion of the park, the Sainte-Catherine Street for the cottage. The concept of landscape architect Denis Ashby, inside borough of MHM is to develop a visual link with the Maisonneuve Market

Without lifting of old quarrels, it can be imperative to remember that the deterioration of Morgan Park isn’t the only factor of Notre Dame. And Councillor Laurent Blanchard, chief architect from the decisions that led to the current state of Morgan Park, can humbly one Mea Culpa “The elected officials of the borough of Mercier – Hochelaga-Maisonneuve (MHM) admit to the outset that the park has become abandoned for several years. The explanation, retrofits of Notre Dame. ” Removing ornamental fence Morgan Park has nothing to do with the state of Notre Dame.

And we find the wisdom. Within the pen of journalist Caron, we read: “If the project enchants most people who attended the population presentation, they would, however, how the concrete does not occupy a lot of space.”

Do we see again someday ornamental fence that has been present and flowers and trees were uprooted ignominiously

According to journalist Steve Caron, nor’wester: “The mayor of the borough, Real Manard, nevertheless requested service district trying to add an additional 10% in green in the first phase of works. This is simply not impossible, informed landscape architect ”

Meanwhile, the realities remain. No activity marked the Fкte nationale du Quйbec in Morgan Park no guard was provided on 25 June, though holiday

I can understand the desertion of families of Morgan Park

What is going to happen to the lively park in summer and the attention paid to the families who’re willing to attend? I haven’t found the answer
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